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There are a number of things that can be done to increase the safety of your Home.

According to the FBI, every 15 seconds occurs a burglary in the United States.

Home burglaries may seem random in occurrence, but they actually involve a selection process.

The burglar’s selection process is simple. They choose

- an unoccupied home

- the easiest access

- with the best cover

- and the best escape routes

Here follows a list of suggestions to lower your risk and make your home unattractive for potential burglars.

Empty your mail box every day

Don’t let it appear that nobody is home. Remove snow from the side walk and drive ways, or at least have

someone put tire tracks in the snow. Have someone move your car in the drive way.

Don’t leave any public messages on social media (like Facebook, Twitter) that you are leaving

Don’t leave the packaging of high priced items sitting out visible ( if you get an 80” TV call me

immediately, I bring popcorn and movies)

Cut tree limbs away from 2nd story windows.

Don’t allow easy access to ladders that can be used to enter windows.

Keep your entrance illuminated at night or use motion activated lights. ( burglars don’t like to be seen)

Protect your rear, many burglars come in the rear sliding door.

Fix your door bell.

Video surveillance systems are crooks kryptonite.

Keep valuables in the kitchen, that’s the last place a thief will stop (there are too many places to look,

it takes too much time, they want to be in and out quick)